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Hire to Retire: Human capital management solutions

Your dedicated local rep specializing in Payroll and Tax services.

What we do

Take on Full Liability!

Not only can payroll be quite time consuming for business owners, but also extremely risky. We take on full liability for all per pay period, quarterly, and annual tax withholdings and deposits so business owners can spend their time GROWING their businesses while avoiding hefty government penalties.

Payroll, Simplified

As hands-on as you want it to be: submit employee hours, manage employee info, view online payroll reports, check stubs, and W2s, and even submit your payroll on our new online dashboard. Or as hands-off as you want it to be: submit your payroll by speaking to your very own dedicated payroll specialist.

Tax Filings

Per Pay Period: Social Security, Medicare, Federal Income Tax, State Income Tax, FUTA, State Unemployment.

Quarterly: Form 941, State Unemployment Insurance, and all other quarterly reconciliation.

Annually: W2s and 1099s, Form 940, Federal Unemployment Tax return.