Victoria Wheat


I am full of unique life experiences. Although at the time I didn't like it, I am now very appreciative to have grown up living in five different states. I was born in Houston, Texas and lived there until I was five years old. The next seven years I spent living in Detroit, Las Vegas, and Denver before ending up here in Waukesha. At a young age of five, I was introduced to the very addictive sport of horseback riding. Ever since, I have been a show jumping, and more recently, a dressage competitor. I now have two beautiful horses: Remington and Zephyr. Apart from riding, I am a 13-year softball player and now enjoy spending my summer evenings playing in a couple of slow pitch leagues. 

I am proud to be a graduate of our local Carroll University with a B.A. in communication. Although I started working in sales at 15 years old as a car wash sales rep, I started my official career selling advertising before accepting a sales position at the wonderful company of Paychex.

I Want to Meet You!

My goal is to help and educate business owners all over the Greater Waukesha Area about all the responsibilities that are involved in payroll processing and paying taxes. 

I grew with an entrepreneuer as a father, and I understand all that is involved with owning a business. Therefore, I understand that anything that can save you time, money, and risk is worth investing in! 

Call, email, or text me today! I want to get to know you.