Payroll Processing

Whether you pay weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly, we calculate gross to net wages, and pay your employees on your behalf!

Taxpay Service

We pay, file, and reconcile all per pay period, quarterly, and annual tax withholdings and deposits on your behalf, while taking on full liability. Say "Good Bye" to IRS "love" letters!

Direct Deposit

We have the ability to electronically transfer employee's pay from employer's bank account to the employees' at no extra cost. No check reconciliation!


For employees without bank accounts, we can cut paper checks and deliver by pay date. Customize your paper checks with your own signature and business logo. 

Online HR Library

Employers have full, free access to the "Google" of HR. For any HR question from hire to retire/fire, find the answer here. 

Analytics and Reporting

We automatically generate per pay period payroll reports, quarterly and annual tax filing reports, General Ledger report, MTD and YTD reports. 

Employee Access Online

While the employer has online and mobile app access to oversee all employee information, employees will have individual online and mobile app access to view and manage their own withholding status, check stubs, W2s, and other confidential information. 

Labor Law Poster Kits

It is law for employers to hang Federal and State labor law posters. We will provide laminated poster kits, and send new ones when there is an update. 

New Hire/ Change Transmission

We will notify the State on employer's behalf each time a new employee is hired, or when there is a change in employee status. 

Other Services

Workers Compensation

Not only do we administer Workers' Comp policies, but we also generate a WC report no matter your policy is through another provider or not. We also can make your WC payments for you too!

State Unemployment

Whether you have high turnover, or hardly any at all, State Unemployment claims haunt business owners. In fact, most business owners don't know how to respond to claims correctly. We will manage, respond, and fight all State Unemployment claims on the employer's behalf. The only thing we will not do is go to court for you. 

Garnishment Payment

Employee or employer have a special garnishment or deduction needed to be withheld and paid to correct agency? We  can do that!

Employee Handbook Builder

It is typically not until a legal issue arises when a business owner sees the value in an Employee Handbook. Stay ahead and let us help you create an industry-specific, and legally-reviewed handbook catered to your business. 

Employee Onboarding and Background Screening

Get all required forms and documentation completed BEFORE a new hire's first day of work. W4s, I9s, and other new hire documentation will be sent electronically prompting the employee to complete online and sent to employer when finished. We also provide background screenings. 

Time Off Accrual and Job Costing/ Labor Distribution

Have trouble managing time-off, job costing, and/or labor distribution? We can do it for you so you can manage your employees much easier.